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Every quarter, students of Mathematics can print out 150 pages on printers in the computer rooms for free. It is recommended to print bigger documents, like lecture notes, in the computer center (RHRZ), since the printquota there contains 200 pages each month. You do not even have to go to the computer center to do this, instead you can print your documents from the computer rooms in our department to the RHRZ-printers.

Another possibility to print (even in color!) is using the copying machines / multifunctional devices - however, charges apply in this case.

Printing in the RHRK

If you want to print to RHRK-printers from our terminalrooms, you have to choose the corresponding printer (ps, ps-eins, Farbe oder Schwarzweiss) from within the printing dialogue. After the job is sent, you will be prompted for your RHRK-username and -password - unfortunately there is no way to figure out if the authentication succeeded.

The completed printouts must be collected in the printing room of the RHRK (34-256).

Please note that printing can take one day depending on the overall number of print jobs in the RHRK.

Printing in the department

In the computer rooms of the department, students can use the following three printers: 

lj548-521b/w, A4, duplex
lj648-419b/w, A4, duplex
lj748-421b/w, A4, duplex

Normally, documents can be printed out directly from your applications (e.g. LibreOffice). If this does not work, documentfiles in the formats PDF or PS can also be printed out via a terminal using

lp -P


lp -Plj5 page1.pdf

Other kinds of documents must be converted into a PDF or PS file first; usually, you can find an option to do this in the printdialogue of the corresponding application. A file that has been created in this way can be printed out via the console.

The current printquota and the number of consumed pages can be displayed using the command "printquota" (in the terminal).

Printing on the multifunctional units

Print jobs in the Department of Mathematics can be sent to our copying machines or multifunctional devices to be printed out. In this way it is possible to print out in color. Please note when using a multifunctional unit to print, charges apply.

If you want to send a print job to a multifunctional unit, please choose "Schwarzweiss" (black and white) or "Farbe" (color) as printer in your application (e.g. in LibreOffice, Firefox, etc.). To actually print your document physically, you need to log in at a multifunctional unit and trigger the printout from there. More detailed information can be found on the websites of the computer center.

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