Department of Mathematics

Organisation of the Department of Mathematics

As with most newly founded universities since the 1970s, the Department of Mathematics is not subdivided into institutes and / or chairs. Units are rather the professorships with their associated scientific and non-scientific staff. However, some of the units have joined to form larger working groups (Divisions / Research Groups).

Apart from that, there are three central units: the dean's office with the administrative director of the department and further scientific and non-scientific staff for central scientific affairs and teaching duties (e.g. lectures for students of other departments), the Graduate School „Mathematics as a Key Technology“, as well as the „Kompetenzzentrum für Mathematische Modellierung in MINT-Projekten in der Schule (KOMMS)“ with their staff.

Register of persons

A list of persons of the Department of Mathematics can be found in the KIS system.

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Divisions / Research Groups

The Department of Mathematics is divided into four main areas of teaching and research within which professors have joined to form working groups…

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Die Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter des Dekanats Mathematik

Dean's Office

The dean's office is the central administration unit of the Department of Mathematics. It subsumes the organisation, coordination and administration…

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Scientific Units

Frau Borsche und Herr Dr. Triebsch

Graduate School "Mathematics as a Key Technology"

The Graduate School coordinates all international activities of the department, such as admission and counseling of foreign students, contacts to…

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KOMMS stands for "Competence Center for Mathematical Modeling in MINT Projects in School". It has been set up to link school projects, further…

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Service / Examination Administration

Die Mitarbeiter des Computer Teams Mathematik

Computer Team (CTM)

The Computer Team Mathematics (CTM) maintains the computer systems of the department and helps with computer problems.

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Frau Grier, Herr Dr. Lossen und Frau Sternike

Examinations Office

The Mathematics' Examinations Office is located in the Dean's office (building 48, room 511). The responsibilities include the administration of all…

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