Department of Mathematics


There are three public terminalrooms which belong to the department:

48-419  ⇒  15 places
48-421  ⇒  10 places
48-521  ⇒  17 places

These rooms are equipped with thin-clients (terminals), 24"-screens and one printer per room. It does not matter which terminal is used to login using your account - due to centralized storage your files and data are globally accessible and printing and emailing is possible from every station.

The terminals are "dumb" I/O-devices, the workload is distributed between three terminalservers running Ubuntu-Linux 16.04 with a MATE desktop.

Rooms 419 & 521 are regularly occupied by lectures or exercises and may be closed to the public or only partially available - please look up the occupation on the plans next to the entrance.
Normally, the rooms are open throughout the day.

There are also four computeserver available within the cluster which are accessible via SSH. They can be used for more intense calculations or long-term processes.
The current load of these machines may be viewed here (only from within the university).


Texteditorpluma, nedit
Office softwarelibreoffice
Console (commandline)mate-terminal, xterm

These programs can be launched via commandline / console (commands are case sensitive!).

Maple  maple or
xmaple (GUI)
Singular  Singular
COMSOL comsol
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