Department of Mathematics

Specialisations offered during the Master's programme

The choice of the major field of study (area of specialisation) in the Master's programmes Mathematics and Mathematics International can be made from the following list:


Broad area of studyspecialisations offered
Algebra, Geometry & Computer AlgebraAlgebra & Number Theory,
Algebraic Geometry & Computer algebra
Analysis & StochasticsStochastic Analysis,
Image Processing & Data Analysis
Modelling & Scientific Computing (Technomathematics) Modelling & Scientific Computing,
PDEs, Systems and Control Theory
Optimisation and Stochastics (Economathematics)Financial Mathematics,


The examination board may approve other areas of specialisation (e.g. cryptography, biomathematics, actuarial mathematics) in individual cases (e.g. within the framework of double degrees, etc.).

Handbooks of Modules

The modules that can be selected for the respective specialisation can be found in the  catalogues of advanced modules (M.Sc.).

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