Prüfungsamt Mathematik: Frau Sternike (Sekretariat)

Application for Examinations

Information for students of the B.Sc./M.Sc. study programmes of the Department of Mathematics

The English translation contains only information which is relevant for exchange students or students of the international study programmes. For Bachelor's students or teacher trainees as well as for information on subsidiary subjects of the Master's programmes please refer to the German page.

In order to take examinations, students have to register beforehand. The detailed regulations are given in the examination regulations (Prüfungsordnung) of the particular study programme. The most relevant information is given here:

Admission to Exams

Before the first examination can be taken, you have to apply for admission to the Master's examination:

Note that in most Master's programmes (with the exception of Actuarial and Financial Mathematics) you have to hand in an examination plan ("Prüfungsplan") for the Master's studies together with the "Zulassungsantrag".

After admission to the Master's examination you will get a login for the "Prüfungsverwaltungssystem (PVS)" (Exams Administration System) of the department.

How to complete the “Zulassungsantrag”?

You need your student ID and “Immatrikulationsbescheinigung” which you get online. (Please use your matriculation number as login. You received the required password together with your student ID card.)

Moreover, a CV and for Master's students also a copy of the final certificate of your previous studies in mathematics are required. In the entry mask of the application form you add the matriculation number (from your student ID), your family name, your given name (you may copy special characters from the last line of the form), your email address, gender (M- male, W- female), type of examination (ERASMUS or exchange students choose “Kontaktstudium in Mathematik”, Master's students the relevant Master's programme). In the next line follows the minor (“Nebenfach”) which is in general "none" (“keines”) followed by your address, date of birth and place of birth (city and country). Then you come to the next page where you can print the documents via PDF or PS. Together with the above mentioned documents you submit everything to the Examinations Office (48/511).

Registration for Oral Exams in Mathematics

Examinations should normally be held during the lecture-free period. In order to take an oral exam in mathematics you have to preregister at the Examinations Office Mathematics and register with the examiner in time:

Step 1: Preregistration for the exam

  • To be done simultaneously for all exams in the current examination period (preregistrations of previous semesters are canceled);
  • Online at the "Prüfungsverwaltungssystem (PVS)" (Exams Administration System) of the Mathematics Department. Then you print the form, sign it, and submit it to the Examinations Office (48/511);
  • Deadline: announced by the Examinations Office (see Semester Schedule;  generally 16 December for the winter term and 16 June for the summer term).

Step 2: Processing of the preregistration by the Examinations Office

  • The staff of the Examinations Office will check your preregistration. If you fulfill the prerequisites for the exams the staff will unlock the system so you can register for the particular exams.

Step 3: Make an appointment with the examiner

  • The examiner will announce the possible days for exams in the exams administration system. Then you can start to register for the exam. In general, this is done with the secretary of the examiner (often, details are announced in the lecture);
  • Deadline: at least 14 days before the examination
  • As changes are possible, you have to check again the agreed appointment (including time and location) in the system a few days before the exam.

If you do not make an appointment within the examination period, the preregistration will be cancelled by the end of the exams period.