Together with your personal data sheet and your student card, you will receive the login details for your account in the central computer center (RHRK) and an associated e-mail address in the following form:
Information by the RHRK on how to configure your e-mail address can be found here.

In addition to your RHRK e-mail address, you may apply for an account for the CIP computers at the Department of Mathematics, with which you can log-in on the terminals of the three computer rooms (48-419, 48-421 and 48-521) and the central computeservers of the department. Apart from that, you will receive another e-mail address in the following form:

If you take part in the pre-courses in mathematics, you will receive the application-forms for the accounts in the tutorials of the pre-courses in the afternoon. Not being able to take this opportunity, please print out the application-form yourself and hand it in to the mathematics computer team.


You are entitled to obtain an account in the Department of Mathematics if you belong to one of the following groups:

  • mathematics students (incl. Ph.D.)
  • employees of the department
  • other departmental members (according to the "Grundordnung" of TUK)

Students from different departments may obtain a special account to take part in classes which are open to other faculties (e.g. EWP, Introduction to R, etc.). This type of account is only valid for the current semester and will be deleted afterwards. You may find this application-form here - please hand it in to the CTM.

Each semester every user will be notified by e-mail about the necessary account prolongation. This e-mail contains instructions to log in to a dedicated webform (using your mathematics login credentials), declare your status and accept the current terms and policies.

The CTM is authorized to lock and/or delete the account in case of incorrect declarations.

Student accounts will be locked two weeks after exmatriculation and deleted after one month (RHRK policy).

Accounts of employees/members of the department will be kept active for six months after leaving the institution and deactivated afterwards.

Upon deactivation, the e-mail address will be invalid and no forwarding will be allowed.

Please make sure to save your files and e-mails beforehand - restoring this data won't be possible.