Ivan Barranco Gomez, Optimising Ion Thruster Performance: Advances in Particle-in-Cell and Monte Carlo Simulations

  • Motivated by the need to enhance physical modelling and optimization techniques in the design of ion thrusters, this seminar delves into the challenges and advancements in simulating ion thrusters using Particle-in-Cell (PIC) codes coupled with Monte Carlo methods. In this talk, we investigate the physical modelling of ion thrusters, with a particular focus on plasma physics. We address the inherent complexities in PIC codes, which are widely used for simulating plasma behaviour in ion thrusters. These codes combine kinetic and fluid descriptions of plasma particles, relying heavily on Monte Carlo methods for handling collisions and other stochastic processes. Finally, the seminar outlines future research directions, emphasizing the need for continued advancements in simulation techniques and optimization algorithms to further refine the modelling and performance of ion thrusters in aerospace applications.
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Referenten: Ivan Barranco Gomez, School of Civil, Aerospace and Design Engineering; University of Bristol

Zeit: 11:45 Uhr

Ort: Hybrid (Room 32-349 and via Zoom)