Department of Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Claudia Redenbach an ihrem Arbeitsplatz (Schreibtisch mit zwei Monitoren)

Prof. Dr. Claudia Redenbach; Photo: Koziel

RLP Teaching Award for Prof. Dr. Redenbach

Dr. Christoph Lossen (Administrative Director of the Department of Mathematics), Prof. Dr. Claudia Redenbach, TUK President Prof. Dr. Helmut J. Schmidt, Minister Prof. Dr. Konrad Wolf and Dr. Stefan Löhrke (Vice President of TUK). Photo: Heike Rost.

As part of a festive event, Minister Prof. Dr. Konrad Wolf has awarded the 100th Teaching Award of the State Rhineland-Palatinate (RLP) to Prof. Dr. Claudia Reden­bach. By this award, she has been honored for her outstanding achievements in teaching students. She is already the fifth professor of the Department of Mathematics who has recieved the RLP Teaching Award.

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