GRK 2982: MIMO

Mathematics of Interdisciplinary Multiobjective Optimization

Starting in October 2024 a new research Training Group funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) will be established at RPTU in Kaiserslautern. In close collaboration, a total of nine Principal Investigators (PIs) from the fields of mathematics, computer science and engineering and up to 10 (?) PhD students will conduct research on Mathematics of Interdisciplinary Multiobjective Optimization in three research areas:

  1. New mathematical theory and computational methods will be developed, closely aligned with needs from applications.
    → Research Area A: Fundamentals
  2. As an evolving topic, research issues connected to the role of data in models (e. g. uncertainty, unavailabilty, reduction of data) will be systematically addressed.
    → Research Area B: Data
  3. Mathematical modeling and decision making are essential parts of solving MOPs and closely intertwined with the mathematical core techniques of MOO.
    → Research Area C: Applications

More information on the RTG, its projects and the application process for prospective PhD students will follow soon.