Instrument for the representation of study progress and student counseling

Students in teacher training usually take two majors as well as the subject "Educational Sciences". Whereas problem-free study is usually guaranteed within one subject, scheduling conflicts can arise between two different subjects. Even if the major lectures are largely coordinated, more advanced lectures often take place in parallel, making it sometimes impossible for student teachers to keep to a curriculum. In the WebStuPlan project, scheduling conflicts are to be checked for frequency and relevance and, if necessary, resolved. On the one hand, it can be checked whether lectures can be rescheduled, but on the other hand, curricula can also be revised. For this purpose, it is identified which modules are prerequisites for others, and which modules can freely be moved in the bachelor's program.

The mathematical challenge consists in finding an optimal solution for lecture times and study plans so that the number of overlaps weighted by the number of persons affected is minimal. This is done in close cooperation with the RHRK and the Center for Teacher Education (ZfL), as well as partners of the Landau site.


Call for proposals for the promotion of cross-location teaching at the RPTU