Dear ISOLDE participants,


as you might have expected, also ISOLDE has to be canceled this year. Needless to say that we do this with great regret, we were looking so forward to welcoming all of you in Germany in June 2020! But currently, all of us and our countries have a larger problem to worry about and one thing we can do is to behave reasonably, in our daily life and also with respect to conferences.

But let's look optimistically into next year. We invite you to


ISOLDE 2021 in Germany,

preferably around our usual time June/July. We are currently checking dates, hotel capacities etc. and we will come back with details as soon as possible on our website

Concerning the conference fee that has already been paid by many of you, we offer a full refund for all who need it. However, refunding makes a loss of 60 Euro (per registered person) and we would welcome if some of you waive 30 Euro to share this loss with us. We will start the refunding process in two weeks and will provide further information by then.

Please also make sure that you cancel your flights and hotel bookings.

For now, take care for yourselves and your families, and stay fit and well!

For the organizing team