Differential-Algebraic Systems Group

PhD theses


Benjamin Bauer: Modelling, Analysis and Computational Methods for a One-Dimensional Formulation of Developable Elastic Ribbons.

Jonathan Jahnke: Efficient Numerical Simulation of Soil-Tool Interaction.


Felix Dietrich: Periodic homogenization and FFT-based methods for resolving microstructures of linear magneto-elastic problems.


Alexander Shamanskiy: Mesh Deformation in the Context of Isogeometric Analysis.

Simon Gottschalk: A Differential Equation Based Framework for Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Clarissa Arioli: Isogeometric Analysis for Scaled Boundary Parametrizations.


Alexander Leichner: Computational Contact Mechanics based on Implicit Boundary Representations for Voxel-based Meshes.


Dennis Merkert: Numerical Homogenization for Linear Elasticity in Translation Invariant Spaces.

Man Harutyunyan: Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Magnetoelastic Coupling.


Fabio Schneider: A differential-algebraic coupling approach for force-displacement co-simulation of flexible multibody systems with kinematic coupling.


Daniela Fußeder: Isogeometric Finite Element Methods for Shape Optimization.

Jan Kleinert: An Interior Point Method for Non-Smooth Contact Dynamics in Granular Material.

Oliver Weeger: Isogeometric Finite Element Analysis of Nonlinear Structural Vibrations.

Anmol Goyal: Isogeometric Shells in Flexible Multibody Dynamics.


Julia Vuong: Finite Element Method - Flux Corrected Transport Stabilization for Advection-Diffusion Problems in a Partial Differential-Algebraic Framework.


Urs Becker: Efficient Time Integration and Nonlinear Model Reduction for Incompressible Hyperelastic Materials.

Evgeniy Zharovsky: Fast Numerical Algorithms for Advection-Diffusion Equations and Applications in Particle Dynamics.

Christoph Heinrich: A Finite Volume Method on NURBS Geometries and its Application in Fluid Flow and Fluid-Structure Interaction.


Michael Burger: Optimal Control of Dynamical Systems: Calculating Input Data for Multibody System Simulation.

Master thesis


Henry Jäger: Parameter Identication for Reaction-Di ffusion Equations

Chuhe Lin: Computing the Stiffness Tensor of Composite Materials by Interpolation Procedures

Dominik Becker: Computational Methods for the Shape Optimization of the Stokes Flow


Mohammad A. Samad: Solving Reaction-Diffusion Equations by the Finite Element Method


Sarah Wernet: Numerical Simulation of Reaction-Diffusion Equations with Isogeometric Analysis

Robabeh Izadshenas: Numerical Analysis of Free Surface Flow and the Application to Ship Design

Ramazan Caliskan: Learning for the Control of Mechanical Multibody Systems

Jeremias Nathanael Arf: Numerical Analysis for the Partial-Differential-Algebraic Equations of Poro-Elasticity

Rozan Irsyadulfawaz Rosandi: Isogeometric Shape Optimization in Linear Elasticity

Bachelor theses


Filippo Palascino: Iterativ lernende Regelung für den Rennsportbereich

Kai Ollenschläger:  Modelling and Analysis of Kinematic Constraints for Cosserat Rod Models and the Application to Cable Simulation

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