Biomathematics Group

Biomathematics Group

Welcome to the Biomathematics Research Group

Our group is concerned with the mathematical modeling of biological and medical problems, e.g.
- migration of cancer cells through tissue networks and formation of metastases,
- spread of glioma (highly aggressive type of brain tumor) and the influence of radiation therapy,
- tumor heterogeneity and its consequences for different therapy approaches,
- pattern formation,
- tissue engineering,
- wound healing.

The modeling process relies on reducing a biological problem to its essential aspects w.r.t. the question to be answered, then translating those biological facts in terms of partial, ordinary, and/or stochastic differential equations characterizing the space-time evolution of one or several quantities of interest (e.g., cell densities, concentrations of chemicals, etc.). The mathematical study of these models includes issues of well-posedness and qualitative properties of their solutions. Numerical simulations are performed in order to assess quantitative as well as qualitative solution behavior, for instance allowing to predict malignancy and spread of a tumor and thus estimating its margins and possibly guiding the therapy.

The Biomathematics group is part of the Felix Klein Center for Mathematics and is affiliated to the research focus Industrial Mathematics.


AG Biomathematik
Gebäude 31
67663 Kaiserslautern


Tel.: +49 631 205 5321


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