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Courses in Winter Semester 2022/23

We are pleased that we will be able to offer our courses in the winter semester 2022/23 in form of face-to-face teaching - of course, subject to any safety and hygiene requirements that may be necessary.


On the current page we present the courses offered by the Department of Mathematics for the winter semester 2022/23 with links to the respective courses in the digital handbook of modules (MHB). Details on the course programme (incl. information on time, place and links) can be found in KIS.


The lecture period starts on 24.10.2022 and ends on 11.02.2023.

Courses for Undergraduate Students and Students of Teacher Training Programmes


Grundlagen der Mathematik I: Analysis (in German) (MHB: MAT-10-11A-K-2)

Grundlagen der Mathematik I: Lineare Algebra (in German) (MHB: MAT-10-11B-K-2)

Grundlagen der Mathematik II (in German) (MHB: MAT-10-12-K-2)

Pure Mathematics:

Algebraische Strukturen (in German) (MHB: MAT-12-11-K-2)

Einführung: Algebra (in German) (MHB: MAT-12-22-K-3)

Einführung: Funktionalanalysis (in German) (MHB: MAT-12-23-K-3)

Einführung: Funktionentheorie (in German) (MHB: MAT-12-24-K-3)

Applied Mathematics / Modelling:

Einführung in das Wissenschaftliche Programmieren (in German) (MHB: MAT-14-00-K-2)

Einführung in Numerische Methoden (in German) (MHB: MAT-14-11-K-3)

Stochastische Methoden (in German) (MHB: MAT-14-14-K-3)

Proseminar Mathematische Modellierung (in German) (MHB: MAT-16-14-K-3)

Proseminar Modellierung in der Wirtschaftsmathematik (in German) (MHB: MAT-14-02-K-3)

Specialisation Bachelor:

Commutative Algebra (MHB: MAT-40-11-K-4)

Integer Programming (Polyhedral Theory and Algorithms) (MHB: MAT-50-11-K-4)

Numerical Methods for ODE (MHB: MAT-80-11A-K-4)

PDE: An Introduction (MHB: MAT-80-11B-K-4)

Probability Theory (MHB: MAT-60-11-K-4)

Special Courses for Students of Teachers Training Programmes:

Didaktik der Geometrie (in German) (MHB: MAT-20-12-K-3)

Didaktik der Stochastik (in German) (MHB: MAT-20-21-K-5)

Einführung in die Didaktik der Mathematik (in German) (MHB: MAT-20-01-K-2)

Elementarmathematik vom höheren Standpunkt (in German) (MHB: MAT-20-02A-K-2)

Grundlagen der Mathematik II für Studierende des Lehramts (in German) (MHB: MAT-10-12L-K-2)


For Information on the courses in German language, please switch to the German version of this page.

Courses for Graduate Students (Master)

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Courses for Students of other Departments

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